Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-10-15T17:16:37-08:00

Below are some of the more frequent questions we receive.  If you have a specific question please do not hesitate to give us a call or email.

How does market access work?2021-10-15T17:17:05-08:00

There are two methods. The first is through your master agency’s AccessPlus placement facility, which allows members access to our top-rated carriers without a direct appointment. The second, is through direct company appointments, which your master agency will help secure. Note: Over 95% of all SIAA business is placed via members’ direct codes.

On your own, most carriers aren’t accepting new agents, and it is difficult to get an appointment. Or, you can get an appointment, but only if you write a certain volume of business, which can be difficult for a small agency.

SIAA has the size and membership to get you that access.

How does membership alter my agency perpetuation planning?2021-10-15T17:17:05-08:00

Not only would membership not restrict your perpetuation planning, it would open up more options for your consideration.

Does the contract include the ability to leave with my clients and carrier appointments?2021-10-15T17:17:05-08:00

The majority of our member agencies choose to stay beyond the duration of the contract. But situations change, and some do leave. At the end of the relationship member agents have the ability to leave with clients, commissions and carriers.

What is the length of commitment between my agency and SAN Florida2021-10-15T17:17:05-08:00

Should you decide to become a part of the SIAA organization, the membership contract will reside with SAN Florida. These contract terms can vary and the length will fairly reflect the mutual levels of investment and commitment to the relationship.

How are commissions, profit-sharing, bonuses and overrides paid?2021-10-15T17:17:05-08:00

Agents with direct appointments receive commissions directly from the writing company. This differs from (most) aggregators that name their members as sub producers and subsequently control the commission flow.

Commissions resulting from business written through AccessPlus, as well as profit-sharing, bonuses and overrides earned by virtue of the relationship between the strategic partner companies and SIAA and SAN Florida are paid by SAN Florida to the member.

What is the difference between and insurance aggregator, cluster, or network?2021-10-15T17:17:05-08:00

Insurance aggregators provide market access and aggregate premium, sometimes with additional compensation, but without any support services or tools. Insurance agents join an aggregator to gain access to insurance carriers’ contracts. This relationship tends to be very transactional.

A cluster occurs when a group of agents form either a formal joint venture or a loose affiliation to place their individual books of business as part of a larger book in order to receive higher commissions or profit sharing. Cluster members continue to operate individually.

SIAA is neither an aggregator nor a cluster. We started our alliance with an idea to help other agents grow their entire business, a model which has proven to help the independent agent and the independent agency distribution system grow.

What is the minimum amount of insurance experience required to join San Florida2021-10-15T17:17:05-08:00

While there is no stated minimum, most startup agencies succeed if the principal has two or more years of experience as a licensed P&C insurance agent.

What type of agencies does SAN Florida look for?2021-10-15T17:17:05-08:00

Agencies of all sizes and backgrounds find SAN Florida membership to be beneficial and profitable. While there is no specific member profile, many of our agencies are smaller and in need of markets or seeking stability. Direct writers, life and financial service agencies, and producers looking to open their own property & casualty insurance agency have all found that SAN Florida can provide the resources and start-up support they need to hit the ground running.

Can I select which master agency I wish to be associated with?2021-10-15T17:17:05-08:00

Sorry, for a number of reasons, the physical location of the member agency determines with which master agency network their membership will be associated.

The master agencies need to be able to administer local support and work closely with insurance company reps to best serve their membership.

SAN Florida is the master agency for the state of Florida.

What is a master agency?2021-10-15T17:17:05-08:00

SIAA is the national organization and it is comprised of 48 regional master agencies across the United States.

Each master agency is responsible for a defined region. If you were to consider a membership with SIAA, your membership would technically reside with the master agency that services your area. Should you decide to join, you would have immediate access to all the services, markets, profit-sharing and incentives of both your master agency and SIAA.